Entrepreneurship is defined as a process where all the available resources are accumulated to produce a product or service.  These resources may include money, property, machinery, skills, etc.  The person who initiates and owns the entrepreneurship is called the “Entrepreneur”.  A doctor, an engineer, an attorney, a consultant, a real estate agent or attorney, a retailer, a whole-seller, a manufacturer, etc. all these are entrepreneurs if they work independently. They utilize all the resources available to them for the production of products or provision of services.

Remember, an entrepreneur gets enough reward for the work he performs as opposed to an employee who receives a limited consideration against his services. Therefore, entrepreneurship is considered to be the best choice those who have the ability, resources and passion to compete and survive in the challenging environment.

Independent expert, own business, creating opportunities for others, understanding needs of your community, are the major benefits of entrepreneurship. A typical 9 to 5 job gives  limited perks to an employee, but own business returns more than an employment. An entrepreneur sets up a bright future for his family by building a business venture. Sensible people think and plan for a long term, and like to become successful entrepreneurs.